"Kids in 2000 will still be listening to The Beatles."
- Brian Epstein, 1964.


Photographs by Ringo Starr in 1964 

Ringo- “George is a perfectionist - especially when it comes to his music. Before each recording session he practices alone for a while to make sure everything sounds just right.”

Ringo- “Poor George is all pooped out. Like the rest of us everything he has goes into his performance - and out to the audience.”

Ringo- “A fraction away from a smile.”

Ringo- “All the songs that John and Paul write for us were thought out and strummed on the guitar from the very beginning. I guess the reason for this is that neither of the boys knows how to read or write music.”

Ringo- “John is a camera-bug too, though he hasn’t as much time to spend on it as I do - with his writing and all. But one thing you can be sure of - wherever we go - so does the camera.”

Ringo- “Marlon Brando? No, it’s Paul again - with dark glasses. Can I have your autograph, Paul?”

Ringo- “Hi Paul! Hope we’re not interrupting…”

Ringo- “Paul’s moments of silence are rare indeed, but my trustee camera and I managed to snap this one.”

Ringo- “My favourite people - the fans. I wish I could spend more time getting to know them, but from the experiences I’ve had I think they’d rip me to pieces.”

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