"Kids in 2000 will still be listening to The Beatles."
- Brian Epstein, 1964.

I just realised I didn't say which question that was - 17, a fact about your life :)

No problem, I would have just checked the post, thanks :) 
Hmm…my life isn’t really that interesting so I don’t know. I kinda spend more time in my dream world than in the real one. I really hope life gets more interesting when I’m moving to Vienna next year but at the moment I’d probably just say that I’m trying to go to as many concerts and festivals as possible, I’m very addicted to concerts and live music.

Thank you :) And here’s your picture:

16 favourite movie :p

Wow that’s difficult :s hmm…I love Star Wars (4-6), Almost Famous and Dead Poets Society so I really can’t pick my favourite one, they’re all amazing

Thanks my dear :) And here’s your picture:

13 and 8 (top 5 albums) *-*

13. life goal(s)

Travelling around the world, finding someone who loves me exactly the way I am, who respects me and who’s basically the cutest human being on earth, have a job I really love doing, road trips, kissing in the rain, read all Edgar Allan Poe work, finally feel free

Top 5 albums: (at the moment it’s probably like this:)

  1. Help by the Beatles
  2. Sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band by the Beatles
  3. Exile on main street by the Rolling Stones
  4. Mothership by Led Zeppelin
  5. Cardboard Castles by Watsky

Thank you sweetie (:

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