Imagine the past, where you wish you had lived, full of heroes, geniuses and fools.


It’s not only about to like a certain book, tv series, band, musican etc. The more time you spend with these things you realize how much they really mean to you. Sooner or later they start to be a very important part of your life, they mean everything to you. It’s not only about watching that one tv series or listening to some songs of that one band, you can watch every episode, listen to every single song, but it’s not enough. You want more, you want to be part of that whole thing. You start to care about the characters, the band members’ private life and you don’t even care whether they are fictional, too old or just too far away from you, you want them in your life. They’ve made you so happy, give you this exciting and thrilling feeling everytime you see them or hear someone saying their names. It’s not weird to be in love with a character that doesn’t even exist or in love with a band member who might be a bit older than you are, it’s that enjoyment you get from these people, they make you feel better, let you know that you’re not the only one dealing with those problems on a daily basis, these people are there for you and isn’t that sometimes more than we can get from the people that surround us? 

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